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Pike Powers and Bob Metcalfe to give their take on student entrepreneurship

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For the past few weeks the committee and myself have been scrambling to put the pieces in place for our Inaugural UT Entrepreneurship Week. One of the most exciting things we have planned is bringing together two men who’s ideas and actions transformed  the world of technology. Both Pike Powers and Dr. Bob Metcalfe will be giving talks about student entrepreneurship at The University of Texas at Austin at uThinkTank’s 2nd Annual Student Entrepreneurship Symposium on March 7th at 6pm in the SAC Ballroom (RSVP HERE:

Mr. Pike Powers

Pike Powers is known for boosting Austin onto the national high-tech scene. His vision took Austin from a university town to a thriving high-tech city. His effort began when he rallied Austinites toward the goal of convincing Microelectronics Computing Technology Consortium (MCC) and Sematech to Austin. This move alone is known as one of the best economic development prizes a city  earned in the 1980’s. Since then he has worked around the city on many economic development projects. I sincerely cannot wait to meet Pike and hear his take on Student Entrepreneurship at UT.

The second man is my mentor and role model, Dr. Bob Metcalfe. I was listening to Dr. Metcalfe speak about some problems UT wanted him to try and solve during his time here when the idea for uThinkTank came to me. I waited 45 minutes to talk to him then told him I’d love to take a stab at one of those problems. We met a few weeks later and he has been guiding my journey of uniting and igniting the UT student entrepreneurship community.

Dr. Metcalfe invented Ethernet when he was working in the Xerox labs and then

Dr. Bob Metcalfe wearing the US National Medal of Technology

founded 3Com around that technology. After his time at 3Com he spent time in Silicon Valley and Boston as a Venture Capitalist. He received the United States National Medal of Technology, IEEE Medal of Honor, IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal, ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award, Computer History museum Fellow Award. Dr. Metcalfe is an internet tycoon. Now he is teaching undergraduates how to start their own company in his class 1 Semester Startup as Professor of Innovation at UT.

Both Pike and Dr. Metcalfe will be giving their takes on student entrepreneurship at UT on March 7th at uThinkTank’s Symposium. Find out more details at


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